Interested in kiteboarding in the BVI? You have several options. While there are places to kiteboard directly on Tortola, our recommendation is to head over for a day trip to the Bitter End on Virgin Gorda. This is a great location whether you are a beginner looking to take lessons or already have experience kiteboarding. You can contact Scotty at Carib Kiteboarding for more info or to make reservations. We highly recommend Scotty and his instructors.

Carib Kiteboarding

Beginner’s experience with kiteboarding:
My son (mid-twenties) and I (mid-fifties) had both snowboarded for many years and had some experience with wakeboarding. Kiteboarding does take some agility as you first need to learn to fly the kite and when you have that under control you can then put on the board and launch yourself. The first day of kiteboarding included a 2-hour lesson in the morning just getting comfortable with flying and controlling the kite. The kite lesson was done on the beach and part of the flying in shallow waters just off of the beach.

Then we went to lunch at one of the local restaurants within walking distance. Afterwards we took another 2 hour lesson where we went out on the boat to practice using the kite in open waters, then we added the board to practice getting up out of the water. The entire time the boat and instructor was right beside us and was able to quickly help resolve any issues and provide lots of guidance. During the 2 hours in the afternoon we both were able to get up once and board for only a short distance. One challenge was every time we would look down to put on the board the kite would start to fly out of position. So you really need to maintain focus on the kite at all times. This first day experience was frustrating as we expected to be up sooner and riding across the water.

Not to be defeated we went back two days later. We had booked reservations earlier in the week but the wind conditions were not ideal so the lesson was cancelled. Wind conditions need to be between 15 and 20 knots. So if you are going to make a reservation do it early in your trip in case you need to reschedule. The second trip out we booked another 2-hour lesson to go out in the boat and we were much more successful. We both quickly got up and had much better control of the kite. While it wasn’t perfect we were able to go for long distances. The instructor was again very helpful in resolving issues and making the most of our 2 hour trip. The experience was a blast and we loved it.

The video below is from the second day when we were more successful. You will get a good feel for the basics of kiteboarding. We were kiteboarding in Eustatia Sound which is surrounded by Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island, Eustatia Island, and Virgin Gorda.

If you have any questions please let us know.