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Tortola Villa For Rent | AnaCapri Estate in British Virgin Islands

The BVI 60th Anniversary Emancipation Festival

The festival commemorates the Emancipation Act of August 1, 1834 which abolished slavery in the British West Indies – freeing over 5,000 slaves in the British Virgin Islands. So the festival is an annual celebration of freedom and cultural history. The August Festival, as it is also called, involves celebrations on all of the islands […]

Necker Belle BVI

Sailing On Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Belle

When you think of the British Virgin Islands Sir Richard Branson comes to mind. In the BVI he owns Necker Island, bought and is developing Mosquito Island (located just north of Virgin Gorda), and one of the newest additions to his Virgin Limited Edition collection is Necker Belle. Necker Belle is a 32 meter (105 […]

BVI Full Moon Party

Full Moon Parties

If possible, try to schedule your visit to the BVI when there will be a full moon. The moonlight bathes the island and tropical waters in a silvery light and makes for a magical view. There are many who find the full moon a perfect time to host a fabulous party, and on Tortola there […]


Surfing is a great way to enjoy your time on Tortola. There are three main areas to try this sport, Cane Garden Bay on the west end is said to have world-class waves at times. Apple Bay, also at the west end with surf board rentals at Sebastians, and Josiah’s Bay. Josiah’s Bay (which is […]

Snorkel Norman Island The Indiands BVI

Snorkel The Indians or Norman Caves

The Indians are four rocky formations ruggedly jutting out of the blue waters that surround them. They somehow look a bit like an Indian headdress and are easy to spot just off Norman Island. The coral gardens below are teeming with colorful fish and offer some of the best snorkeling in the British Virgin Islands. […]

Shop on St. Thomas – just a 45-minute ferry ride

Did you know that the US Virgin Islands are that close? St. Thomas is known for its duty free shopping, so buy a few gifts to take home with you … maybe some rum. Tourists can bring home $1200 in purchases without paying duty, this is twice the limit of most of the Caribbean. Jewelry […]

The Baths Virgin Gorda

Visit The Baths at Virgin Gorda

This is a fun day trip by private boat or public ferry, and a perfect destination for everyone in your group. If you want to just relax in the warm sand and soak up the sun – you can. If you want to climb the huge boulders that crowd the beach – you can. And […]

Spend the day at the beach

There are so many beaches on Tortola alone, so just pack the cooler and go! Do you want a fun party experience? Head to Cane Garden Bay down on the West End, you can always find a wild time there. Or perhaps you might explore Brewers Bay also at the West End, you can spend […]

Sailing and Boating

Sailing is one of the most popular sports in the BVI, this is one of the most famous places around the world for perfect sailing conditions. The sparkling clear waters, sunshine every day, consistent trade winds and islands so close together they can be navigated by sight make these Caribbean waters a sailor’s paradise. There […]

Relax and enjoy family and friends

There is something for everyone at AnaCapri Estate – read a good book and sunbathe on one of the pool lounge chairs, or take a nap in the garden hammock. Stroll the garden lush with exotic plants and flowers, while sipping an ice cold tropical punch. Watch the pelicans drift on the trade winds, and […]