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Sunburn? Not a problem at AnaCapri Estate!

Sunburn? Not a problem at AnaCapri Estate!

Many after-sun lotions and other healing creams contain aloe due to its ability to soothe the pain from a burn in the short-term, as well as shorten the healing time for the burn. Before you go grabbing a store-bought solution after spending a bit too much time in the...

Leatherback Sea Turtle laying eggs (includes video)

One of this earths’ most precious creatures, one that is endangered, lays its eggs in the British Virgin Islands. The glorious female Leatherback Sea Turtle returns to the beach she was born on or one nearby to lay her eggs, using her front and back flippers to pull...

La Dolce Vita – homemade Italian ice cream

One might not think you would find truly wonderful gelato in Tortola – but you can. There is a shop started by an Italian man, Mario, and his Tortolan wife, Pearl, right in downtown Tortola. Having traveled to Italy many times, we have found gelato to be a fabulous...

Sailing On Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Belle

When you think of the British Virgin Islands Sir Richard Branson comes to mind. In the BVI he owns Necker Island, bought and is developing Mosquito Island (located just north of Virgin Gorda), and one of the newest additions to his Virgin Limited Edition collection is...

Local BVI Wedding Vendors

For the wedding held at AnaCapri Estate on this blog the following local BVI vendors provided the preparation, supplies, and day of the event support to make sure all went as planned. Please contact any of them directly to learn more how they can support your special...

The Gardens of AnaCapri Estate

The grounds of AnaCapri Estate are lush with palm trees, fruit trees, plants and flowers. Our garden banana trees are actually annuals, growing for nine months to produce a large hanging bundle of bananas. The bunch of bananas has about 10 to 20 “hands” of bananas,...

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